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    2. Biaxially oriented polyester film BOPET   container liners   Nylon vacuum membrane   PP woven bags   FIBC(flexible intermediate bulk container)   Agricultural film   PE form-fit liner   weeds control mat   Liquid packaging   Chemical products   Geotextiles   Geomembrane   Biodegradable PBS series  

      Enterprise purpose :

      Jianyuanchun packaging  Package Green Future

      Our aim is to provide high-quality products and excellent service for customers and facing our future with our customers in common; The value of our existence is to meet customer recognition and needs with hard work and wisdom constantly, ; All these including  advanced equipment, excellent talents ,diversified sales market and advanced management methods which lay solid material and cultural foundation to create wealth for the customers.;Innovation is the soul for the enterprise .We need keep continuous innovation and do publicity and promotion ,then constantly promote our enterprise to achieve the first-class level.

      Enterprise spirit:

      Unite as one, work  hard, keep pioneering spirit,  Strive for first-class, Join hands for a prosperous future.

      Successful product is the perfect crystallization of unique ideas and advanced equipment.

      Service concept: 

      high-quality for each piece,  Careful for everything.

      Quality ,the first :  Customer, the supreme.

      Jianyuanchun packing material Co.,Ltd
      Jianyuanchun Chemical Co.,Ltd.
      Shandong Shouguang Jianyuanchun Co. Ltd. was founded in 1951, the headquarters is located in Chengming Industrial Park Shandong Province,which is professional in producing container bag, plastic woven bag, color printing bag, film bag, paper plastic composite packaging materials, various types of industrial-using packaging film , food advanced packaging film, agricultural film, high grade polypropylene powder and modified plastic ,large plastic, etc and chemical products and so on. The company covers an area of 80000 square meters, with total assets of 1.28 billion yuan, administrating  five subsidiaries in Shandong.

      2012-3-17LLDPE (butenyl) rising market demand
      2012-3-17Our woven machinery were foreign monopoly
      2007-9-28Games, flexible packaging will grow by 20%
      2007-9-28The international film market and the developmen...
      2007-9-28US flexible packaging demand will grow by 4.1%
      2014-7-5Tianji Group chairman and Australia customers vi...
      2014-7-5Party Secretary Zhu Lanxi to our BOPET departmen...

      Shandong Shouguang Jianyuanchun Co.,Ltd. Add:108 Gongyuan Xijie Road, Shouguang, Shandong.
      Tel:86-536-5200558 5201888 Fax:86-536-5200588  
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      魯ICP備07018365 魯通管市函[2003]341號

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